Caroline Dilworth – Les Papillons

IMG_20180410_202349I’ve always painted. I come from a long line of weavers and artists. It was my great uncle who inspired my career.  He was a talented artist who designed the Damask linen for the Broadway Linen Company in Belfast. One of his greatest achievements was designing Damask patterns for the Royal family. It was he who taught me how to paint and I am greatly influenced by his teaching.

It was while living in Scotland I became a professional artist… painting horses and the rural landscape. I developed Little Irish Landscapes upon my return home.

I love to paint skies and the natural landscape. In a time when we take more photographs than ever before, there are very few printed and even less framed. For this reason we need art to capture a place and to capture the atmosphere of the place that captured our soul. I hope that my Les Papillons Little Irish Landscape captures the ever changing skies and the Irish landscape for you.
Facebook: Les Papillons@made
Address 31 Tullynincrin Rd Shanmullagh West Co Fermanagh BT94 1GEIMG_20180404_160433IMG_20180410_202349