Caroline Dilworth – Les Papillons

Les Papillons

“I share my home with my family…who often feel outranked by two much-loved dogs, a terribly spoiled, but splendid, cat and a geriatric pony.
I have always painted.I am compelled to paint!
I began to paint professionally 10 years ago, when I moved to Scotland. I fell in love with the huge open skies and the wildness of the moors and hills. I was surrounded by horses, so I began painting them.
I took some paintings to a framers and one exhibition led to another. Soon I was painting Trick Riding/TV stunt horses, as well as taking on commissions.
However, the call of home brought me back to Northern Ireland and after an operation to cure my arthritis I found I could no longer hold a pallet knife, or large brush, so I started to paint miniatures to attach to jewellery findings. And so began Les Papillons.
I still love to paint skies and the natural landscape, sparkling eyes of our fauna. In a time when we take more photographs than ever before, there are very few actually printed and even less framed. For this reason I feel that we need art to capture a place and to capture the atmosphere of that place which captured the soul.”
Facebook page:Les Papillons@madebycarolinedilworth

Painted brooches