Pretty in Pink Paper Flower Arrangement 1
Pretty in Pink Paper Flower Arrangement 1
Pretty in Pink Paper Flower Arrangement 1

Handmade Paper Garden

Pretty in Pink Paper Flower Arrangement 1

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This beautiful posy of pink and white flowers made from paper is the perfect Valentine's gift. Handcrafted from paper, petal by petal, to make a lasting impression. Every flower is made with love and attention to detail, color, and pattern. Every blossom is completely unique due to the handmade nature, which adds to the natural look of each petal, delicately crafted from crepe papers. A lovely addition to any home decor or sweet nursery, this small arrangement also makes a great gift and includes:

*Pink double peony

*Blush Ranunculus

 *Ivory & Cream Garden Rose

*White Sweet Peas

*Various foliage, greenery & leaves


This posy of flowers is handcrafted from premium Italian crepe paper. An everlasting gift or home decor, handmade paper botanicals make a great alternative to fresh flowers. Besides the easy maintenance and the obvious longevity of paper flowers, if you ever get bored of them, you can simply put them in a new location, trim the stems down and try a new holder. Paper flowers are the perfect gift for allergy sufferers or get well soon flowers for patients in hospital which often don't allow fresh cut flowers due to risk of infection.