Audrey Henry Art – Donegal in Oils

audreyhenryartFine Art – Painter & Visual Artist

Audrey Henry

Selling original framed oil paintings and mounted art prints.

Price range from £10 to £250

available for commissions

Audrey Henry paints Donegal landscapes in oils.

A native of Letterkenny, she studied Graphic Design in LYIT, then did a BA Hons degree in the University of Ulster, Belfast in Visual Communication. Audrey then worked as a Graphic Designer for many years, before returning to college to study Fine Art.

She uses thick oil paint to capture the textures by sculpting the paint along the canvas. Audrey likes to capture an impression of a landscape spontaneously, to keep it fresh and alive. She loves the feeling of layering paint with a brush or a pallet knife; making oil paint the ideal medium for her to work with.

She is aware of the subtle differing colours of the land; the lush greens, the earthy browns, the golden hues of crops in season, the varying shades of heather and foliage as the seasons come and go…

Her work gives her a greater love for her home county and environment around her.

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