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Rebecca Ulasich

Selling photo-watercolour paintings and handmade greeting cards.

Price range from £3 to £200

available for commissions and workshops

Rebecca is a photographer and artist from Minneapolis, USA who has been experimenting with fusing the mediums of photography and watercolour by printing her original photographs onto watercolour paper then painting with the ink as it dries.  The result is beautiful, dreamy-realist imagery.

Now living in Derry, she draws inspiration from around Derry, Donegal, and the Causeway coast. An avid traveller, she is also fascinated with the ideas of “home” and the spaces we identify with as our own. As such she often creates her photo-paintings within the shapes of geographical locations, like the Irish Isle or symbolic shapes like the Derry oak leaf.

Rebecca has been a professional photographer since 2009. Trained in photography but with a love of painting, Rebecca has been pushing the boundaries of printed photographs and the blurring the line between photography and paint. Her work has been showcased in several exhibits including at the Mall of America, the largest mall in the US.

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