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Belle&Basil are inspired everyday by the Buddhist aspiration “May All Be Happy” and are determined to create a sustainable, ethical business based on this philosophy and way of life. It is a loving, connecting, wholesome approach to life and because the meditation is for All to be happy, they're included. So are you.

Belle&Basil want you to be happy with their lovely, natural Irish skincare and to feel part of a community who values wellbeing, naturalness and giving back. There is a 60 day refund policy so if you aren't 100% happy Belle&Basil will do everything they can to make sure you are happy soon.

They want everyone who works with Belle&Basil to be happy so treat all with respect and fairness. There is also a happy atmosphere to work in as Belle&Basil products are made in the peace and quiet of the garden workshop.

Belle&Basil want their environment to be happy by only using natural ingredients, putting all products in glass and bamboo jars, and only using packaging that can be recycled. They would love you to help create a more sustainable business by returning your empty jars. They will be wash and refilled (free postage for these returns in the UK or drop-off available at Number 19 Craft & Design). All Belle&Basil skincare products are created using green energy. Belle&Basil love animals and would never test products on animals, only on willing humans.

10% of the profits are contributed 10% to The Ocean Clean Up, a charity working to remove plastic from the sea, Perry the Puffin, and so help the RSPB to protect this beautiful, endangered seabird which breeds on Rathlin Island, off the coast of Northern Ireland.

Belle&Basil have also teamed up with Tree-Nation to plant a tree every time someone buys one of our products. Part of our commitment to becoming carbon positive.

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