Japanese Papercraft

Japanese Papercraft

Naomi Fleury is originally from Yokohama, Japan, but now lives in County Donegal in the North West of Ireland.

Naomi started learning the art of Origami at the age of three from her grandmother, aunts & uncle in Japan. They instilled in her the deep love of the traditional Japanese Arts that she still has to this day.

When Naomi began living in Ireland she decided to use her skills in origami and paper working to produce beautiful creations all reflecting her Japanese background.

Each piece of work is completely handmade by Naomi using traditional hand printed Japanese paper, which she imports from Japan. Much of her work takes hours, even days to complete as she measures, cuts and assembles all her complicated folds together to produce her stunning designs.

Naomi is the first person living in Ireland to be awarded an origami teaching qualification from the Nippon Origami Association.

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t +353 74 9732979