Fire Collection wood and copper pendant necklace

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Fire Collection wood and copper pendant necklace

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• A handmade neckpiece with locally sourced County Tyrone Ash wood which is coloured to give a graduated “aged” effect.
• The copper is heat treated with a torch to create a natural spectrum of colours sealed with wax and assembled.

• The locally sourced Ash Wood has been wood-stained and finished with acrylic satin lacquer to give a natural look finish.
• It’s a piece of jewellery that creates a stunning effect when worn both casually and for that special occasion.
• Each piece is handmade and one of a kind due to the nature of the wood, it’s colouring and the heat treatment of the copper which is also has a partial hammered effect.
• This neck piece belongs to the “Fire” Collection as the natural copper colours are produced by using the gentle heat of a torch on the copper.
• I’ve designed each piece with its packaging to be special so that you love it from the first moment you see it.

adjustable length