Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap
Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap
Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap
Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap
Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap
Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap
Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap
Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap
Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap
Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap

Edel MacBride

Aimsir Soft Merino Knit Wrap

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The simplicity and usefulness of this wrap makes it a winner and tempting to have more than one!

Now longer each wrap consists of 60,000 stitches all hand loomed by us.

The yarn is a soft tweed pure merino wool, spun over the road from us in West Donegal.

Each piece is cast on and cast off by hand with a double thickness of yarn and after knitting is given a light washing to increase the softness and drape.

The word 'Aimsir' is Irish for weather, something we talk a lot about. It is pronounced 'Am-Sure' (say it quickly!)

 What is a handloomed knit?

Handloomed means a hand operated knitting machine is used, no electricity needed!Each stitch is cast on individually, each line or row is made by moving a knitting ‘carriage’ across a bed of needles. The eyes and hands work together skillfully with not a power cable in site!

It is very enjoyable work.

Size One Size 22 x 78 in (56 x 200 cm) Size may vary slightly

Composition : 100% lightweight merino wool spun in Donegal Ireland

Care see 'How to care for me'

Lead time Made to order one stitch at a time. Allow two weeks for Wraps and four weeks Handknits. We aim to surprise you sooner where possible.

How to care for me

Maybe you’ve never owned one of me before?

Here’s my experience so far;

I’d prefer not to be stuck in that dark press but when I must go in there just roll me up loosely first. 

I don’t need much washing although my Italian cousins say that I’m a gorgeous natural thing and washing improves me! 

When washing make it no higher than 30 degrees and please only a wool recommended detergent. Squeeze all the water out after handwashing me, even roll me up in a towel to do this!  Dry me flat on my back.

Keep direct sunlight away from my cables!

Edel and many of her long-term clients machine wash my friends. Hopefully they never put them in the drum at higher than 30 degrees or with nasty biological stuff!!!! The horror.

I’m terrified of the tumble dryer, please never do that to me.

Through Summer if you don’t need me (I hope you will), store me in an airtight zip bag please and I’ll get a rest with no disruption. I hope to spend a lifetime with you, but if you want to give me to a friend or send me to a charity store for a break that’s OK.

My wool is so healthy to wear and antibacterial, plus you’ll be living off the compliments.

Bullet point summary:

  • Roll up when stored
  • 30 degree hand or machine wool wash cycle
  • Only recommended detergents
  • Squeeze all excess water out after a handwash (roll in a dry clean towel)
  • Dry flat
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Hang-up if you wish, choose the hanger carefully (incase shoulders get stretched)
  • Dry cleaning is allowed, but we prefer washing
  • Often all that’s needed is to hang in the air a few hours to refresh
  • Avoid seat belts and cross - body bags due to fabric abrasion