Tom Agnew Ceramics

Tom Agnew and a large sculpture based on the shirt factories and resides in the Bishop's Gate Hotel, Derry.

Tom Agnew works mainly in clay, but in recent years has introduced wood, metal,mosaic,and any material which lends itself to his expression of ideas to create works, some small in scale to the very large.

At this stage Tom has been working with clay for fifty years. Thirty of those were spent running a busy commercial pottery and selling largely functional work around Ireland, the UK, Europe and America. Since the early 2000's and now working alone, Tom is able to devote time to making the things that he really enjoys.


Tom has been fortunate to have been funded by NI Arts Council to produce a number of large scale ceramic installations in both Belfast and Derry.


The largest of these can be seen in Madrid St., Belfast where he designed and installed seven 15ft by 8ft panels on a section of the peace wall between Short Strand and Lower Newtonards Road.


One piece that was very successful can be seen in Leafair Park in Galliagh, Derry, where an 100ft work over a two week period was installed. The large sculpture, based on Derry's shirt industry was purchased by Derry's Inner City Trust and resides in the Bishop's Gate Hotel, Derry.


Were Tom's work to be sold through galleries it would be considerably more expensive, but as Number 19 Craft & Design is the only platform where it is available, we can sell at prices that you, the customer and the artist find acceptable. The pieces shown are either limited edition or unique.


**Shipping can be be expensive depending on destination, so please request an estimate via the email address below.

Contact Details

mobile:  07743891985. – Work

phone: 028 71 262 966 – Home