Alpha Glass Studio

Alpha Glass Studio is run by sisters Colleen and Theresa Coyle. From an early age the girls were immersed in creativity and craft through their father Joseph who began the family stained glass business in an attic studio in their family home.

 The girls mastered the craft through summer jobs in the family workshop whilst studying at Art College, and in later years took on stained glass full time. 
 Alpha Glass Studio is a sister studio to our long-standing family business ‘Alpha Stained Glass ltd’.

 With Alpha Studio we want to make the centuries old, traditional art of stained glass accessible on a smaller scale. We produce a range of bespoke pieces including light catchers, lead lights, and home accessories, such as candleholders, lamps and seasonal decorations.

All our work is handmade in our workshop in Derry, using traditional Tiffany and glass painting techniques. We welcome commissions and our inbox is always open for enquiries.