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Siobhan Montgomery is a glass artist based in Donegal. A career in science and interest in watercolour combine in her fascination with warm glass work. She has completed numerous courses in the UK on specialised techniques, in the medium of glass and metals and its application in jewellery and landscape.

Siobhan has always been fascinated by glass since she was a child and watched the beauty of a sunbeam on a drop of water, sparkle into all the colours of the rainbow. Having taken a short workshop in fusing glass over 10 years ago, she realised she had found her passion! It fanned the spark which led to Siobhan's journey into the world of working with warm glass. With her background in science Siobhan finds the experimentation and kiln work using different forms of glass, powders, metallic’s etc is truly amazing. She finds inspiration in the beauty which surrounds her here in this magical part of Ireland and she tries to reflect this in her work. She has recently completed several landscape pieces inspired by the Donegal mountain scenery around her and she hopes to work on developing this aspect of her work into the future.

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