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Marian Walker who resides in Derry, N. Ireland is a self-taught artist that loved art as a teenager but took a different path. 30 years later fulfilling a long-held secret desire Marian tried her hand at painting with oils immediately fell in love with the creative process once again. 

Much of Marian's work to date has focused on land, sea and skyscapes, represented in both realism and abstract styles. She is stirred by the rich tapestry of ever changing colours, moving light and shifting atmospheres that sweep across our environs weaving into the fabric of our surroundings, creating scenes that are both fleeting and timeless at the same time. Marian loves capturing the energy and the essence of these moments an committing them to canvas so that the emotions and connections engendered are conveyed and enjoyed by others. Marian's new collection is aptly named 'Walkers About Ireland'.

Marian has many collections including 'Inspired Derry' which is an acknowledgement of the culture and heritage of our city depicting many of our iconic buildings. Other collections include miniature oil paintings on slate entitled 'Between Two Worlds' and 'Seasons Reflected' and also producing a series of inspirational Art Cards. 


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 Phone: 07984199252


Peace Bridge by Marian WalkerMarian Walker paintingMarian Walker paintingAustins by Marian WalkerO'Doherty Fort by Marian Walker