Strombolitwo by Helen Perry

Handmade accessories inspired by fibres, patterns, prints and textures from upcycled silk kimonos

I grew up in New Zealand where I first learnt to knit and sew. It was only after university that I started producing pieces for sale. For eight years I designed and produced womenswear under the label Stromboli Apparel in Sydney where my love of fabrics, hardware and draping came together. However the pressure of the business led me to leave it all behind. After years of talking about getting back into doing something with textiles, and living and working in Northern Ireland, Strombolitwo arrived enabled by etsy and the opportunites it can provide to connect with fellow crafts people and buyers.
I love my workshop at home in the gorgeous country side of Northern Ireland where the natural environment inspires the creative processes. And my family back in Australia who go hunting for bits of 'bling' to add into the mix



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